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Spielberg and ‘Thor’ Writer Talk ‘Jurassic Park 4’

Unlike their real world counterparts in museums all over the world, the dinosaurs of "Jurassic Park" just won't become extinct. Despite being endangered for 10 years after Joe Johnston's Jurassic Park III, rumblings of how to make a fourth film or to reboot the franchise have risen once more.

Steven Spielberg's people and Universal have told Heat Vision that ideas are simply being tossed around at this stage and that Spielberg, the first two films' director and current executive producer of the franchise, has been speaking with Thor story writer Mark Protosevich in regards to what a new "Jurassic Park" story would look like.

Spielberg and Protosevich previously worked together to fashion an American remake of Korean filmmaker Chan-wook Park's Oldboy that would've starred Will Smith had it not been scrapped due to rights issues.

When the first Jurassic Park came out in 1993, it was a game-changer for visual effects. Having hibernated these recent years, which has seen the emergence of incredible motion capture work and 3-D filmmaking, the time seems ripe to bring the dinosaurs into the 21st Century for real.

THR also suggests that Universal is jonesing for a new multi-film franchise. Only "The Fast the Furious" movies have been tearing up the box office of late for the studio. The "Bourne" series is undergoing major changes with Jeremy Renner in place of Matt Damon and the "Mummy" films stumbled with "Tomb of the Dragon Emperor." Peter Berg will release Battleship under the Universal banner next summer, but skeptics are already lining up to see it fail considering the money being used and the lack of star power.

Meanwhile, if you want some new Steven Spielberg dinosaur projects, you'll have to check out his upcoming Fox show Terra Nova this fall.


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