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Spike’s VGX Nominations Announced: Who Are Your Winners?

The annual VGX Awards courtesy of Spike have revealed the latest nominations for all the games competing for a whole range of different awards, including the highly coveted Game of the Year. Previously called the VGA’s until this year, the awards look very highly contested after a fantastic year for the industry. Telltale Games’ incredible The Walking Dead is the current holder of the big one so let’s see what looks to take the crown this year.

Unsurprisingly the fastest selling game of all time and multi-record breaker Grand Theft Auto V looks to be the favorite for the award after having an incredible year. Even after GTA Online had it’s problems it is still an incredible achievement, but don’t write off the other nominees just yet.

Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us may have been overshadowed by the blockbuster we just talked about but critics and players alike were united in praise when this gem was released earlier this year. Then there’s the spell bending BioShock Infinite which finally was released to the world and definitely didn't disappoint. Less likely to win is Super Mario 3D World which comes out this Friday and from early impressions looks like another fantastic Mario title. The real rank outsider is Tomb Raider which I thought was pretty disappointing personally, but Lara has been known to shock the world before and could do it again.

I wouldn't have a problem with any of the first three I mentioned winning as they are all amazing, but I personally would go with GTA V just from personal preference. However if I was betting what is going to win I believe it will be The Last of Us. You heard it here first. The only fan voted award is for Most Anticipated which you can vote for here. Titanfall and Destiny are the big names, but I personally went for South Park: The Stick of Truth after the latest previews winning me over.

Other notable nominees include Best Voice Actor which includes 50% of the nominees in the form of Troy Baker. Due to probably wanting other names included his magical performance as The Joker is shunned, but he should still win as Joel anyway. Also the battle for Best Voice Actress by four outstanding performances is probably the toughest award of all to call. I’d personally go for Courtnee Draper as Elizabeth from BioShock Infinite, but all the nominees are deserving winners in this one.

You can check out the full list on their site now and tune in on December 7th to see all the winners, as well as some new trailers and maybe even game announcements along with of course all the usual hijinks and unintentional comedy that live award shows give to the world.


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