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Spooky Sales All Week Long

This week we’ll skip our usual Tuesday and Friday sales reports and instead cover the terrifying daily deals that are being held by several download sites to gear up for Halloween weekend.  Direct2Drive.com and Steam are each putting a different game on sale every day, all week long, and several other sites are holding big sales on horror games, so check back here each afternoon this week for Player Affinity’s round-up.

Today, Monday, Direct2Drive is selling Silent Hill Homecoming for 50% off which brings it to $24.95.  That’s an okay price, but hopefully they’ll have something better tomorrow.

At the moment, you might more to your liking at GamersGate.com who are selling a bunch of games at 50% off all week long.  This sale includes quirky indies like The Path, a creepy retelling of Little Red Riding Hood which is worth trying for just $4.99.  GG also has big budget blockbusters like Dead Space which can be bought for $9.99.

ImpulseDriven.com is also discounting everything remotely spooky this week.  There’s a lot of overlap between Impulse and Gamer’s Gate, but Impulse does have a few unique sales, including Devil May Cry IV for $9.99 which has you beating up a bunch of demons, so it’s kind of scary.

Monday Steampowered.com is having a sale on THQ all week long, with a different featured THQ game marked down each day.  Today, it’s the whole Red Faction franchise marked down by 75%.  That’s Red Faction Guerrilla for just $4.99 and the other two games in the series for $2.99. 
I know there’s nothing inherently related to Halloween about THQ but-  Can you prove that THQ’s Lead Level Designer Editor ISN’T a Werewolf!?


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