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Sports Movie Madness: Boxing Movies – Round 2

Another week, another round of the most
exciting movie contest on the web! Boxing movies: we got `em, you rank `em.
It’s the next best thing to being punched in the head yourself. Ding Ding, onto
Round 2.

First off, let’s quickly recap for
those of you new to the tournament. In the Sports Movie Madness tournament,
there are seven sports and one mega-category of miscellaneous sports, so eight
regions total. This is the Boxing Region. Below are the four boxing films
remaining after the first round of voting. There are two matchups based on
our original seeds, and your job is to pick which movie you deem worthy of
winning each matchup. Simply enter
a comment by Sunday at 5:00 pm 
with the two movies you think should win each
matchup (once again, not any two movies, but one of the two movies going
up against each other, so no voting for Rocky  and The Fighter  only one or the
other) and your votes count! After a winner is determined in each
region, those films will face off against one another until we have a

Just like if Mike Tyson went head to
head against Betty White, there were no upsets in round one. Despite Cinderella Man taking an early 3-1 lead
in votes, Rocky handily won in the
end and The Fighter, though a new
contender to the genre, continued to dance on its praise and awards success
defeating Denzel Washington and his pseudo-boxing flick The Hurricane. Both these films and the other duo of champs still
have a ways to go to ultimate glory, so read on and leave a comment for each
new matchup.



1 Rocky def. 8 The
Cinderella Man

4 The Fighter def. 5 The

3 Raging Bull def. 6 Rocky

2 Million Dollar Baby def.
7 Ali



1 Rocky vs. 4 The Fighter

It’s now the classic
versus the new kid on the block, starting with the number one seed Rocky.
The other contenders will be hard pressed to score a KO on this beloved Best
Picture winner and its iconic character of Rocky Balboa in the lead. The
enduring success of the entire franchise is the true testament to the love
people have for this film and the storyline that while defying the genre’s
clichés, still stands as an inspirational piece of dramatic filmmaking.

Even though The Hurricane had years to build a
fanbase, it was no match for last year’s
The Fighter; the proud winner of two
Oscars for Christian Bale and Mellissa Leo in supporting roles. It may be
partly residual buzz and the fact that the film is fresh in people’s minds, but
I’ve yet to hear negative words about this drama as conventional as its roots
may be. It will certainly face an uphill battle in this matchup.


2 Million Dollar Baby vs. 3 Raging Bull

Two tragic figures from
two iconic directors enter the ring in this contest, beginning with Million
Dollar Baby
, another Best Picture winner and another classic of the
genre. Tight seeds here with Clint Eastwood’s uniquely feminine take on the
genre and Scorsese’s still praised gritty drama and both are certainly
deserving of their inflated standings. Million
Dollar Baby
really has that gut-wrenching punch we all hate to love and it
is likely that aspect, coupled with the many strong performances, which gives
this film its edge.

A hard film to watch in
many parts and one not usually lingering in the minds of the average person
shreds its potential hindrance and excels past the norm of boxing
films in a big way. This film is among lists of the greatest cinematic
accomplishments of all time and not simply boxing movies specifically;
obviously that says more than enough to give
Raging Bull some weight and never count this black and white biopic
down and out.

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