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Sports Movie Madness: Championship – Vote Here!

It began with 64 films just one month ago; 64 films that represented seven different major sports (and one region of assorted sports). You voted (for the most part) week in and week out and now we are left with the last two standing. Who will take home the title of Best Sports Movie of All Time as decided by Player Affinity? That's up to you friend. Vote by leaving a comment below. Polls close Sunday night when the clock strikes midnight.

Here are the regional results from last weekend and I threw in the results from the weekend before to help you keep track:

1 Rocky def. 4 Cool Runnings
2 Remember the Titans def. 6 Space Jam

1 Rocky def. 8 Bend It Like Beckham
2 Remember the Titans def. 7 The Mighty Ducks
6 Space Jam def. 3 Field of Dreams
4 Cool Runnings def. 5 The Karate Kid

The top two overall seeds based on how we seeded the final eight ended up being the final two films. Both epitomize great overcoming-the-odds stories and fended off some truly excellent films. Rocky tied Cool Runnings, so it was no easy KO for Mr. Balboa, but he had more overall votes in the tournament. Space Jam's magical run ended by one vote at the hands of Denzel Washington and the mighty, mighty Titans.


Rocky vs. Remember the Titans

has often been claimed to be the best boxing film ever made and Player Affinity readers have proved as much by voting it this far. Rocky was always seen as an early favorite with generations of fans. One of Sylvester Stallone’s finest films and his breakout role, Rocky is a classic underdog story about a low-ranking amateur boxer who is given the chance to fight Apollo Creed for World Heavyweight Title. Loosely based the famous fight between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner in 1975, Rocky is both an inspiring story and a crowd pleaser.

Remember the Titans has been an unquestioned top seed in the tournament. Denzel Washington is not someone you can easily look in the eye and say no to, although his boxing film The Hurricane faded quickly in this tournament. "Titans," which is not a very old film, has the benefit of being seen by a younger demographic but is also appreciated by adults. "Titans" beautifully captures its time and place: the American South in the wake of Civil Rights and school integration, but the story focuses on teamwork and collaboration more so than hate, which makes it an inspiring and relatable story.

So who will it be? Will you prefer to run the steps of the Philly art museum or sing some "Ain't No Mountain High Enough?"


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