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Sports Movie Madness: The Film Four – Vote Here!

We are in the home stretch with the final or "Film" Four of our Sports Movie Madness tournament here at Player Affinity. We started off with 64 sports films from six different major sports regions and one miscellaneous sports region and now we have the Film Four. How are your brackets doing? You mean you haven't been with us since the beginning? Not too late friends. Here is where your vote really counts as we are just two rounds of voting away from the GREATEST SPORTS MOVIE OF ALL TIME as voted by you.

Here are the regional results from last weekend:

1 Rocky def. 8 Bend It Like Beckham
2 Remember the Titans def. 7 The Mighty Ducks
6 Space Jam def. 3 Field of Dreams
4 Cool Runnings def. 5 The Karate Kid

Space Jam pulled off the big upset of last weekend overtaking the classic Field of DreamsSpace Jam was the No. 6 seed in both the Super 8 and the original basketball region, so there's some serious love for MJ and the Looney Toons. Elsewhere, Cool Runnings narrowly defeated The Karate Kid. However, will anyone be able to compete with Rocky, the overall No. 1 seed in the tournament? That's up to YOU to decide.
*****You have until Friday at 12:01 Midnight to vote. 
Just leave a comment with the two films you want to move on to the Championship based on these matchups:


1 Rocky vs. 4 Cool Runnings

has often been claimed to be the best boxing film ever made and Player Affinity readers have proved as much by voting it this far. Rocky was always seen as an early favorite with generations of fans. One of Sylvester Stallone’s finest films and his breakout role, Rocky is a classic underdog story about a low-ranking amateur boxer who is given the chance to fight Apollo Creed for World Heavyweight Title. Loosely based the famous fight between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner in 1975, Rocky is both an inspiring story and a crowd pleaser.

Disney's Cool Runnings represents the most random sport in the field with bobsledding in this uplifting but mostly goofy story of a group of Jamaicans forming a bobsled team with the help of John Candy. Cool Runnings has sped past its competition thus far, but will it continue to feel the rhythm and the ride into the championship?


2 Remember the Titans vs. 6 Space Jam

Race relations vs. cartoon relations: which will have a shot at the best sports movie championship?

Remember the Titans has been an unquestioned top seed in the tournament. Denzel Washington is not someone you can easily look in the eye and say no to, although his boxing film The Hurricane faded quickly in this tournament. "Titans," which is not a very old film, has the benefit of being seen by a younger demographic but is also appreciated by adults.

The Michael Jordan/Bugs Bunny combination has been lethal thus far, which is especially surprising considering it was only a No. 6 at the outset of the tournament. It even managed to build, come and eek out a victory over 
Field of Dreams last week. Do you still believe that it can soar through the open door? 


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