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Stacking Coming To PlayStation Plus Members For Free

It's another week and another free game that PlayStation Plus users are getting for being members. Next PlayStation Store update will host Double Fine's newest creation, Stacking, which will be completely free to Plus subscribers. If you've never taken a trip inside the mind of Tim Schafer, then prepare for a hilarious and thought-provoking title.

Stacking is an adventure puzzle game based around the idea of matryoshka dolls exploring levels set-up to look like dioramas. You play the role of Charlie Blackmore as you try to bring your family back together after hard economic times. The game will be a third person adventure title that allows you to stack the Russian dolls on top of one another to solve puzzles. Each matryoshka doll you find has a different ability, making for a possibility of several different outcomes, according to Double Fine. Unleash the doll in you February 9th, 2011.


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