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Star Wars 1313: Lucas Arts’ New Mature IP

Logically by default, with a debut come new things. Well, Lucas Arts debuted their Star Wars: 1313 recently and besides being a new Star Wars game, it’s a new mentality as well. The developers state “it’s the first mature-theme Star Wars game to be made”.

There is not much to go on at this point. Even the main character from the demo was created solely for demonstration purposes, he is not the actual character that will even appear in the game come launch time. That’s how secretive Lucas Arts is currently being about the story, characters, and even the timespan that this new IP takes place within among the Star Wars universe.

So far what we can take from 1313, with the little that Lucas Arts has shown, is that the visuals are quite stunning. The mouth movements, smoke clouds from explosions, impressive real-time lighting, and much more show a game with a tremendous production visually.

What little there is to go on with the story, we can at least get a feeling for the setting. In the cut-scene Lucas Arts had shown, the characters talk about going “a thousand floors down” and from what the company has told us is that 1313 is the level of a subterranean underbelly. This supposedly “maturely themed” Star Wars game will have something to with the main characters being bounty hunters. So, bounty hunters, plus subterranean underbelly, plus mature Star Wars IP can only equal awesome… right?

All of these things and the way that they’re put together give to a mature theme and a gritty Star Wars experience thus far. Check out PlayerAffinity for all future Star Wars 1313 news to see if Lucas Arts is maintaining their word on a brave new Star Wars idea.


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