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Star Wars Battlefront: The Phantom Ripoff

"Do or Do Not (Make a Full Game)... There is No Try"
You have much to learn about the ways of the Force, EA Games. Or at least you have much to learn about player value. I’ll give you guys this much: At least game is amazing in the graphics and sound department. I believe in giving credit where credit is due, so I applaud you on making a spectacular recreation of the Star Wars universe, EA.
However, I can’t help but shake my head at the gameplay modes and how you’ve marketed the game’s release. I mean, really? Ten extra dollars for a “Deluxe Edition” of Star Wars Battlefront? And what exactly is the difference between the regular and Deluxe Edition. Well, other than a different cover, you get weapons and emoticons (really, emoticons?) that you can unlock for free anyway just by playing the game. So right off the bat, I call shenanigans.
Then you charge $50 for a season pass without giving the slightest hint as to what’s on it? FIFTY DOLLARS! I could buy another game for that amount! And I could be understandable about not revealing what’s on the season pass. Fallout 4 did that, too. But do you know how much Fallout 4‘s season pass is? THIRTY DOLLARS! And it’s Bethesda, who has a long solid history of some pretty sweet DLC.
While I’m comparing Star Wars Battlefront to Fallout 4, let’s look at the actual games, no season pass included. Do you know what Fallout 4 has that Battlefront doesn’t? A FULL GAME! Hours and hours of content, locations to discover and explore, interesting characters to meet and team up with? What does Battlefront have? A bunch of five to ten minute single player/co-op missions & multiplayer matches. It’s a damn shame too, because the Star Wars universe has a rich plethora of characters and locations to create original stories with. You could’ve had a campaign about a Stormtrooper working his up the ranks in the Empire. There could have been a story about Luke’s first apprentice who travels the galaxy looking for potential Jedi. Granted, those aren’t amazing ideas but they’re decent enough to create a story for a video game and they don’t interfere with the continuity of the original movies.
On top of everything else, EA claims they’re well aware people are unhappy, and said that Battlefront is not for “hardcore gamers.” Instead, the game was meant for a wide audience so that children and adults can play the game together. Well, I suppose the intentions are well meaning, but at the same time you are alienating a large percentage of gamers who want a visceral gaming experience. Instead, gamers are treated with what essentially feels like a bunch of fancy looking demos. I expect more from the company that brought us the Dead Space games, Mirror’s Edge, and Mass Effect.
Consider this, EA: Battlefront is less than a month old. Do you know what GameStop is charging for a new copy this week? FORTY DOLLARS!!! People are speaking with their wallets and we are not happy. For a $60 game, we expect $60 worth of content. For your sake, there had better be some pretty amazing stuff in that $50 season pass!  If not, don't expect a Star Wars Battlefront II!


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