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Star Wars Battlefront’s Outer Rim DLC: Enough Content Yet?

"Two new maps and a couple C-list heroes may keep Battlefront content-sparse"
Players of Star Wars Battlefront have been asking for more content since the game's release, so details on the game's upcoming DLC is always welcome. EA announced the Outer Rim expansion for Battlefront Wednesday on the game's website. Outer Rim introduces two new maps, two new playable heroes, a new game mode, and an assortment of new weapons and upgrades. The content is included with Battlefront's Season Pass, and will presumably be available for purchase separately when it releases later in March, though pricing has not been announced. Jabba the Hutt's Palace on Tattooine is the map that most Star Wars fans will identify with. Jabba's throne room and sail barge garage are among the locations reported to be accessible in the map. No word on whether Jabba himself makes an appearance. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1136"]Sullust as a map in Battlefront A look at the lava flows of Sullust. Image credit: EA[/caption] The other map, the industrial planet of Sullust, seems like an interesting locale, but has only moderate importance to the Star Wars canon. Players can fight around the lava streams or through the area's smelting factory, but further details on the location are slim. Still, more maps are something Battlefront desperately needs, and it's a good-looking locale from the screenshots, though perhaps only recognizable to those deeply familiar with Clone Wars lore. Speaking of being deeply familiar with the innermost parts of the Star Wars franchise, let's introduce our new heroes. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]New heroes Greedo and Nien Nunb These guys. Image Credit: EA[/caption] On the left we have Greedo, whose main contribution to Star Wars lore is an argument between fans and George Lucas about whether he or Han Solo shot first at Mos Eisley. On the right, we have Nien Nunb, a smuggler and ace pilot who co-piloted the Millenium Falcon with Lando Calrissian during the Battle of Endor. He also appeared as a Resistance X-wing pilot in The Force Awakens, but all but the most dedicated fans probably only learned his name five seconds ago. "Heroes," indeed. These guys are admittedly appropriate for the Outer Rim expansion's theme: Greedo is from Tattooine and Nien Nunb is a Sullustan, so both new maps have an appropriate "hero" associated with them. But after The Force Awakens put Chewbacca - or more specifically, his bowcaster -  so directly in the limelight, one has to wonder why EA is holding out on implementing him as a playable hero? It feels weird putting C-listers like Greedo and Nien Nunb next to Luke, Leia, Han, Fett, Vader, and Palpatine, especially since the heroes are supposed to be somewhat balanced in power. The new game mode, "Extraction," sounds like a "Capture the Flag" variant, or perhaps an expanded version of the extraction sequence at the end of matches in Titanfall. EA's description of the mode states that the Rebels are gathering resources and must bring them to their transport ship before time runs out, while the Empire must stop them before they get there. Either way, there is definitely a "cat and mouse" theme behind the mode, and it should be interesting to see how it plays out on each map. Lastly, the expansion brings two new weapons and three new Star Cards: the new Relby V-10 rifle and DT-12 blaster pistol for weapons, and the Scatter Gun, Dioxis Grenade, and Adrenaline Stim Star Cards. Hopefully the DT-12 exhibits more accuracy for players than it did for Greedo. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Han shoots Greedo Greedo: shot first, shot poorly.[/caption] So, Battlefront players, are you satisfied with the new offerings in Outer Rim while you wait for the other three planned DLC packs, or is it still lacking? Dean Holden is living proof that one person can be a total geek about video games, sports, and shoujo anime all at the same time. You can go tell him how he is a pretty neat guy on Twitter @Dean_Holden. That's what people do on Twitter, right? Say nice things to each other? Cool, let's be friends.


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