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Star Wars Forever

"Episode Infinity"
This isn't a fan's declaration of love for their favorite space opera. This is a literal statement and apparently, a promise as well. At least this is the case, according to Wired who originally dropped the story that Disney and Lucasfilm have made it known that there are intergalactic sized plans for more Star Wars movies. Well beyond 2020, which was the plan at the start of all this buzz surrounding the forthcoming The Force Awakens. The new plan, if all goes as┬ádesigned for Disney and Lucasfilm, is that new films will be released, on an ongoing basis. Forever. As in there will be no end to these stories. SWstar-wars-episode-7-release-date1 Whether or not you believe this is a good idea, it looks like its going to happen whether we like it or not. Lucasfilm's president Kathleen Kennedy and John Knoll, the studio's creative designer, overseeing these projects are key pieces in the larger machine that is the Walt Disney Company, which views Star Wars as the "forever franchise". If you were looking forward to a new trilogy and a series of standalone films, it looks like you'll be getting that and so much more. Probabaly more than some of us wanted. Overstauration much? Hello, Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes.  


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