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Star Wars – Purge: The Hidden Blade

Do you remember when Darth Vader was a bad ass? When he would choke someone out just for speaking out of turn? Well that Vader is still alive and well in the comic universe. Purge, follows Vader as he over-sees the construction of the At-At’s being built on the planet Otavon 12. After an attack on the base he decides to hunt down a powerful Jedi he senses, even though the emperor has instructed him otherwise.

The book is very action heavy, especially since we’re talking about old school Vader who doesn’t whine and screw around. Haden Blackman (Star Wars) does a great job of telling a simple story that itches the nostalgic Star Wars area of the brain. Vader is vindictive towards the unknown Jedi that he is hunting. Just the intensity of his dialog and actions give the strong impression that he hates him. Vader has several awesome one-liners that just highlight how evil he is and make you cover your mouth while reading them.                    Star Wars Purge The Hidden Blade

The art is in the style of Dark Horse’s other Star Wars books and Chris Scalf (Battlestar Galactica) does a great job of keeping that feel of the world.  Vader is drawn to look intimidating and even without the use of facial expressions. Most importantly, Vader is without a doubt, Vader. He acts like a bad ass, he’s drawn like a bad ass and he’s not to be messed with. Scalf draws spot on Star Wars’ creatures, vehicles and light sabers that again capture the old school feel.

This is a book that takes itself seriously doesn’t try to ride the coat tells of other stories or plots and it doesn’t try to make cute references to other characters in the universe. If you’re looking for something deep to add to the overall mythology of Star Wars you will not find that here. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a fun read set in the Star Wars Universe with everyone’s favorite villain then this book is what you’re looking for.


Story – 9.0

Art – 9.0

Overall – 9.0



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