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Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Overlords

Liam Neeson? Check. Qui-Gonn talking to Obi-wan? Check. The two of them hinting at Anakin’s destiny? Check. Welcome to yet another kick ass episode of the Clone Wars! This particular episode centers around one of the concepts from the prequels that they never truly looked into. During all three of those movies, Anakin is hyped up as the chosen one. He is put up on a thrown and told he is awesome and he will bring balance to the force.

They never really explain what it means to “bring balance”. Does that mean it’ll just be the light force? There will be an equal amount of Sith and Jedi? Well, this episode finally gets around to raising that question to the characters. Things kick off with Anakin, Obi-wan and Ashoka traveling to a large construct in the middle of nowhere. As they progress through the episode, things get freaky and Obi-wan begins to see his former master. They must have had some serious stuff flowing through the vents in that place.

Once the characters are separated, they all start to have their own visions. Ashoka had the most interesting vision, as she is the only character in the whole show that we don’t know her destiny. In her vision, an older version of herself warns her that Anakin is going to be her downfall if she doesn’t get away from him now. It kind reminds me of when your friend tells you dump that crazy chick you’ve been dating despite the fact that her room is full of stuffed bears that look like they’re staring into your soul. Although it was a cool scene, it also made it pretty obvious what will happen to Ashoka before all is said and done; she’s going to turn into a Sith lord (most likely trained by Dooku). Think about it, Anakin is destined to turn evil and now he is training Ashoka to have all of his problems, without an Obi-Wan type to keep her in line. It would make for an awesome twist and they could get some great character interactions from those two when pitted against each other.

One of the great things about this episode was the stunt casting. Getting Liam Neeson to return had me grinning like an idiot. He spoke exactly like he did in episode one (minus the horrid dialogue), like a wise old man who had a lot to offer. The other piece of stunt casting was Parilla August as Anakin’s dead mother, Shmi. At first, it appears as though it would be a touching reunion, but descended into crazy territory when she claimed that Padme was going to screw up his destiny. Which I suppose is true as it was his love for her that made him turn evil to begin with… bros before ho’s in the Jedi order.

This episode took a detour from what we’ve come to expect from the show, but it was welcome. The writing was just as strong, the visuals were trippy, and characters were very well written. This particular arc will be continuing for at least two more episodes and I am stoked to see what comes next.


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