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Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Witches of the Mist

O.M.F.G that was freaking amazing. I may have a new favorite episode of the Clone Wars after watching this. The build-up episodes were fantastic and writers from other shows need to watch this and learn how to do pay offs. It had everything you could hope for. Great fights, great characters, hints at what is to come, and it really gave the feel like it was a universe changing event. You’re going to see the words “pay off” a lot in this review, because that is exactly what this episode was.

The episode itself centers on the Jedi facing against Dooku’s new plaything, Savage Opress, my new favorite character in the whole Clone Wars. He has been on a killing spree lately, not having any real control over his emotions, making him a force of nature. Meanwhile, Savage continues his brutal training with Dooku, giving us some insight into the Sith Lord training process. Dooku constantly shocking Savage into hating him was hard to watch. It really makes you wonder if Dooku went through the same thing with Sidious.

Savage is an animal, a monster, which is the last thing you would expect a Sith Lord to be. Any Sith we have seen before has been calm and collected, where as he is just angry (kind of reminds me of Anakin). His decision at the end to betray Ventress and Dooku, putting a fourth fraction onto the board was a great twist. I love that in less than one episode, Ventress’s plan falls flat on its ass, unleashing a monster that wants to destroy everything that doesn’t have points on its head. The head of the witches has my attention for now. I’m not sure what it is she is after; does she want to control the galaxy herself? Is she secretly working for the Republic? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out.

My, My, what big horns you have
As usual, the fight scenes are the highlights of the episode. I made a big deal out of the hand to hand combat in the last episode, but this is Star Wars, we expect awesome light saber fights, and they delivered. A lot of detail was put into each characters fighting style. Savages’s fighting has poorer technique (as Dooku pointed out early on) and Ventress’s was well defined.

The writing in the episode was solid with plenty of moment to moment awesomeness. One scene that really got to me was the scene when Savage was ordered to attack the temple of Koydabia to bring in the King and ends up snapping his neck. What added to the scene was how he was punished; the same way he was trained. No wonder he’s such a psychopath, everyone he has ever encountered has beaten the crap out of him.

One last thing: Darth Maul! I was so thrilled to see his red face again. The idea that him and Qui-Gon are coming back makes me think that the writers of the Clone Wars saw the prequels and realized that they were the only two good things in it then decided to bring them back.  Let’s just hope the
Clone Wars can keep it up for the season finale. Why did this get a 9.8 instead of a 10? Darth Maul hasn't appeared on-screen yet!



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