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Star Wars: The Old Republic New Trailer

Bioware decided to really test gamers' patience releasing a new trailer for Star Wars: The Old RepublicThe Old Republic is the true Bioware follow up to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in MMORPG form and the public anticipation for this game is palpable.  Yes, I am aware that KOTOR 2 exists but that game was developed by Obsidian and its story lacked the tight writing which is the standard in all Bioware titles.

I went to PAX Prime this year and the queue to play The Old Republic demo Bioware brought was infinite and slow moving.  The game looked really good though.  Admitedly running on impressive rigs, the classic RPG gameplay from KOTOR has unsurprisingly transitioned into the new MMORPG very easily and with the release date of December 20th, 2011 set (barring any unexpected delay) expect the hype to start building to a fever pitch for this game.  As if it isn't already...


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