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Star Wars: The Old Republic Offers Free Trials


Good news! BioWare have announced free trials for Star Wars: The Old Republic! Players can try the game up to level 15 with no time limit. This will cost players nothing, providing they don’t already have a previously active account.

Players using the free trial may choose to play as any of the 8 character classes and explore the origin world for each one, as well as their allegiance’s capital world (Dromund Kaas for Imperials, Coruscant for Republic). Players will also be able to compete in PvP warzones or play with friends and other members via a Flashpoint.

This news has come a month after BioWare said they were looking into free-to-play options for SW:TOR. The free trial is open to any new members. That includes those who have previously used a weekend pass free trial, or the friends of The Old Republic trial. For those wanting to sign-up, you may do so by visiting the Star Wars: The Old Republic homepage at www.swtor.com.

If you already have an account, like me, you can invite your friends to play. If they join for a free trial and then consequently purchase the game with a month’s subscription, you will receive a new sit down speeder, which is only available this way. The speeder mentioned is pictured at the top of the article.


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