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Starborn #2 – Advanced Review

Not born on our world but of another, Benjamin Warner or Bin Yaamin (which is his real name) is braced with action and excitement. Finding out that he is an alien and also an heir to a kingdom is a big step up from being a novel writer to a Starborn hero! Before he gets his kingdom he’ll have to survive The Network! As the council of evil has found out about Benjamin Warner’s presence on Earth. The Council has have decided to take immediate action and kill the future heir! Watch out Starborn fans because Benjamin Warner is a hero not that far away from our galaxy.

Starborn is picking up faster already. As the beginning of the comic opens up the council is talking about attacking the final rebelling leaders and other “evil” things. When word breaks loose of Ben’s father (unknown name at this time), is brought up the council starts to get spooked and they want to take action instantly. While a suggestion is raised up to destroy the entire Earth to prevent future generations from becoming a great emperor, but this suggestion is shot down. Sending in Network Drones, at this moment Ben and Tara are still in free fall. As Tara takes action and tells Ben to grab her waist, she activates a neutralization of inertia and thus – they don’t die and go splat! Seeing more of the Hive’s minions that have controlled citizens, Tara blasts through them like paper and they steal a vehicle (ford mustang if you were wondering). As they drive through the city they eventually go through a sewer to escape to a research facility.

Tara gives information to Ben that his memories of his novel were implanted improperly and so that is why he thought it was fiction. Asking more about different areas in life (e.g. different factions in the good guy/bad guy army), Ben finds out that Tara is a member of the Crimson Hand! In the end, The Network surrounds Ben and Tara. Will they die? Of course not!

Stan Lee is a great inspiration to the writer’s/artist of this generation. While not being an artist himself, Stan is really good at knowing how to keep readers hooked up with a series. Having such an excellent career (example Marvel), I couldn’t think of anyone else that has been doing a terrific job with three series. Chris Roberson has done a better job at this series than any previous work. izombie and Cinderella were good, but Starborn is better. Chris really captures the futuristic and sci-fi kind of genre instead of dead zombies etc, etc.Khary Randolph’s artwork is really good. His pencils work great with the colors by Mitch Gerads and his panel for the part with Ben gaining his oversuit is really cool.

Starborn is just starting now, with space just an issue away and Ben’s destiny just waiting to be revealed. If you haven’t liked Stan’s work in the past, then check out this series. The book will be on sale on 1/12/10.

Overall Score - 8.4/10



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