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Starborn #6 – Review

In the early sixties, he was responsible for a new vision in comics. His vision, made him a legend. He is regard by his peers as the "man". His characters have sustain popularity for more than thirty years and are still going strong. It is possible that his characters will live on forever. He is the architect for most of the Marvel universe. He is the co-creator of such amazing characters like Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Striperella and Starborn. 

Well... the last two might not be the characters he will be remembered for; that is, unless you are a hardcore Stan Lee fan. But his latest endeavor is not something to be dismissed either. His partnership with New York best-selling author Chris Roberson, has proven to be an excellent match. Not to mention the great art team of Khary Randolph and Matteo Scalera. This team has collaborated to bring Stan Lee's new Boom! vision to life. That is right, Boom! Studios is responsible for bringing a new franchise of Stan Lee's to life and they are doing everything to keep these books as good as any other new titles out there. With unique covers and a modern style that could easily grab the attention of new and younger readers. Boom! is definitely delivering an all-age entertaining new title with Starborn. You remember Starborn right?

starborn 6Its the story of the guy that dreams of living in a sci-fi adventure and one day it turns out, that the girl he loves from childhood is a shapeshifting-alien-bodyguard. The girl takes him to the stars and he gets this gauntlet/armor that might be a ultimate weapon. Because his dad is like this badass space lord, but turns out that different aliens of different races hated him and they want our hero kill because well... he is the son of that guy. And now our hero is on the run because everybody wants a piece of him.

Issue number six, is still part of the first storyline. Benjamin, is still learning about his gauntlet and space armor. Like before he gets into trouble with some space monster (beast men) he gets out with help from Tara (shapeshifting bodyguard) he sees that people hate him because he has the emblem of the empire and that is when he realizes that his dad, is the space equivalent of Adolf Hitler. 

Now the narration keeps this book accessible to new readers especially young readers. As I said this is a all-age book, and they are doing a good job in keeping it that way for everybody. The story is enjoyable and solid and quick. The characterization is excellent but the imagination is not that spontaneous. The story hasn't shown any origainal yet, but comes off very inspired by other sci-fi works. So far we have elements of the last Star Fighter, Witchblade, Star Wars, Eragon and whatever amalgam of sci-fi they can throw into the mix. Also the story continues to move too quickly, you might not remember what happened before this issue because no self contained plot has happen, its part of the same adventure that started in issue one. This might be a problem to the story, especially if the focus is on a monthly basis. Because the story is composed or more focused in a story arc, it makes for a better reading once you read the complete first story arc (in trade paper back) rather than reading it by chapters or monthly issues.

The art is great, its youthful and charismatic but the story telling needs to be more clear; especifically with the action on the background. The art is more on the characters looks than in the background and maybe they are more determine in presenting the action of the story than the world they live in. 

After all these things the book succeeds in delivering a fun all age title, that now a days is a rare thing to see in comics. But after six issues we haven't seem much of this world. In fact, if this story arc was a TV episode, we would still be watching episode one. Maybe this book should consider that medium they're telling this story in, that way we might have an idea of where it's going.

Overall Score - 6.5/10 
*Accessible for New Readers, but wait for the trade*




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