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StarCraft II Beta Ending Soon; Patch 13 Notes

As you may have heard already, Blizzard announced that StarCraft II's beta will end on May 31st, and then start back up again just a bit before launch. That gives us a little over a week.

Yep, it's sad to hear, but you know, the game's coming out sooner than most expected.

Constant feedback, constant updates and constant bickering and complaining about overpowered this and underpowered that, it's been a hell of a lot of fun. I'm relatively inexperienced with StarCraft in general due to just how the game demands you to always be doing... something. All the time. If you're sitting there waiting for your build of siege tanks to come on in, you're doing something wrong.

That said, with a little help from a friend, I got into StarCraft II pretty well. I have build orders, I'm still awful in midgame and void rays can go to hell. I can build all the missile turrets in the world, but they're always out of range. Or, they were. Today was also a day of much joyous celebration, since the patch 13 has given void rays a good, solid nerf. Patch notes!

Zerg players continue to complain, but I have no right to say anything for either side, because I'm all Terran. I do love how massive units can trample forcefields. And I love how void rays got nerfed once again. I propose that their attacks have a 50% chance of healing the target. Only then will they be balanced.



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