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StarCraft II “Ghosts of the Past” Trailer

Dubbed "Ghosts of the Past", this balls-out-kind-of-campy-but-somehow-kind-of-fitting trailer is the last major signifier that South Korea's productivity levels will shut down by at least 50% forever and that people will, people who have played StarCraft, somewhere in their lifetime will now get the bloody chance to play its sequel. If you were pretty excited for StarCraft II, you will be really excited for StarCraft II after this trailer. If you've no interest in it, claiming the game to be a copy-and-paste job, then, well, you can be grumpy and misanthropic all you want, because the rest of us will be playing StarCraft II.

This trailer covers a lot of ground, going back to Kerrigan being abandoned and Jim Raynor having to live with that. It's a little unsettling to see Kerrigan a little more... "sexed up" than she was in the first game (Her red braids and her soft green eyes in the original had its own appeal... I, anyway.), but whatever. That's definitely Kerrigan and that's definitely a distressed Raynor with some awesome vocabulary, like "OVERDRIVE". It's a little silly, but after this long a wait for a sequel, it kind of works. Anyway, enough blabbing. Check it:

Face it. This game will either only slightly rule or completely rule.


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