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Starcraft II Patch 1.2 Is Live

Starcraft II is improved yet again with the latest patch from Blizzard. Protoss players will be quite happy with Starcraft II Version 1.2, as many of the Protoss balancing has been changed in their favor. Specifically, the Observer costs less, and the build times for Phoenixes and Hallucinations are shorter.
Protoss aren't the only ones to miss out, though, as Blizzard has finally included player created chat channels, bringing Starcraft II in line with it's 1998 predecessor. Besides that, there are the standard bug fixes of course, but there are also two new leagues; the Master and Grand Master League. The Master league has the top players from every region, while the Grand Master league has the top 200 players in the world. Kudos to you if you can make it in there. Here's the exact list of changes if that's your thing: 


-Two 2x2 size buildings can no longer block off base ramps

-Hallucination research times have been reduced from 110 to 80

-Observer cost has been reduced from 50 Minerals, 100 Gas to 25 Minerals, 75 Gas

-Phoenix build time reduced from 45 to 35

-Void Ray damage has been increased by 20% for massive targets, and the Flux Vanes speed upgrade has been removed


-Repairing SCVs are now at the same threat priority level as the unit they are repairing, and SCV construction movement has been made more consistent

This is obviously a great thing for Protoss players, but as a dedicated Terran, I'm a bit concerned about the lower cost for Observers. I love Ghosts, and this patch makes that strategy a bit more difficult. Blizzard will keep updating Starcraft II as always, and we'll report any major updates, so stay tuned. 


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