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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Seriously Out On July 27th

Check it, this is happening -- StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is set for a July 27th release date. It's kind of surprising how its ditching the holiday madness, but looks like someone up top realized that that Hey, the people who play our games generally have more time in the summer.

With beta testing going on for months, it seems Blizzard's finally ready to ship this monster of a game out to the public, and will doubtlessly charge up South Korean leagues as they get ready for the Next Big Thing. Trust me, StarCraft is stupid crazy huge over there.

Blizzard's latest has been subject to a lot of controversy throughout its development cycle -- splitting the campaign into three games, cutting off LAN support -- but guys, the sequel to StarCraft is actually coming out in our lifetime. It's true, they've been making games that aren't World of Warcraft. 

With such a specific release date, the recent Collector's Edition announcement and the beta providing strong feedback for months now, it's likely that the game will come out on time. Finally. Now the wait for Diablo III begins.


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