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Stargate Universe – Air (1) & (2)

When Icarus Base is attacked the people manning the underground base must stargate out. Dr. Rush programs the gate with a nine symbol address and the eighty or so survivors find themselves on a ship named Destiny billions of light years from home.

Another great example of the Stargate universe. This series has the promise to be a great new version of a long running science fiction saga.

Dr. Nicholas Rush played by Robert Carlyle seems to be a little single minded and maniacal at the same time. He programs a game with a solution to the ninth chevron for the Icarus Stargate. A young man and gamer named Eli Wallace played by David Blue solves the equation and finds an answer for the problem embedded in the game. So he is brought to Icarus along with a group of other people including Senator Alan Armstrong played by Christopher McDonald who funded the mission and his daughter Chloe played by Elyse Levesque.

When Icarus is suddenly and mysteriously attacked by several Ha'tak Mother ships everyone underground on the base is forced to flee through the stargate. They arrive on an Ancient ship called Destiny that is thousands of years old and starting to have system failures. Everyone seems distressed about this except Dr. Rush who seemed to know exactly where he was going.

The significant problems that the survivors are facing are failing systems, not enough supplies, the wrong personnel for a mission of this type, and injuries to some key people.

So far factions seem to be facing off as Colonel Everett Young played by Justin Louis was injured and put Lt. Matthew Scott played by Brian J. Smith in charge but Rush takes over when it becomes obvious that the science is what will keep them alive. Also Rush communicates with Earth and claims General O'Neill put him in charge.

A host of people refuse the supposed order lead by Camille Wray played by Ming-Na. There is some question raised back on Earth how the Ha'tak even knew the base existed without someone telling them. Scott defuses the situation when he backs Rush for the time being. Other important people on board seem to be M Sgt. Ronald Greer played by Jamil Walker Smith who was in the brig for some reason when the attack starter and 1st Lt. Tamara Johansen played by Alaina Kalanj who is a field medic thrust into Chief Medical Officer duties when the doctor is killed in the Icarus attack..

This premiere episode looks like a fine addition to the already proud Stargate series. I look forward to the crews weekly adventures trying to stay alive in another Galaxy. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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