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Stargate Universe – Air (3)

Lt. Scott. Eli Wallace, M Sgt. Greer, Dr. Rush and another three members of the crew go through the Stargate to a planet covered in sand to look for a substance that should be present to filter the air system on Destiny. Young and Chloe report back to Earth.

Part three of the first three part episode of Stargate Universe. This was the slowest of the three 42 minute sequences. ***** Spoilers *****

The majority of the time is spent in futility walking on a desolate desert planet looking for something they may never find. In the end Lt. Scott's heroism comes through for the Destiny crew as he manages to find something that will help them. We are left to wonder what it was that helped him find the materials on the planet as he was almost delirious by then and when he got back.

Rush is turning out to be the pompous problem we all thought he would be when he arranged all of this in the first place. His statement that the Destiny was their only hope of survival and getting home tells us something. How much did her know beforehand? It was pretty foolhardy of the two crew, the Botanist, and the other soldier to jump to the other planet. So we are losing personnel when we have precious few to lose in the first place. I guess less mouths to feed.

Eli did pretty well all and all in this first mission. Also it is good they have Greer there as well. It seems he and Scott are the only really competent military other than Young so far.

From reading some information about these episode I was under the impression something big was going to be revealed to us. Was that the craft taking off from the hull of the Destiny at the end while the credits rolled? That and most of the unknowns were not apparent. Matter of fact we now have more unanswered questions than we did before. At least they have breathable air. Somehow this looks more like a modern day Lost in Space without the Robinsons, but with Dr, Smith (Rush) than a version of Stargate.

Oh, I also found the scenes back on Earth annoying in general. Especially the wife of the Senator. She obviously does not deal with adversity well and has no concern for her daughters well being or feelings. I guess she never believed there was any risk in going on the adventures her husband took? Also what was with Telford trying to kill Young's body?

Hopefully this will get better fast. The scenes with Scott, Greer, and Eli really carried this episode. Everything else was mediocre. I hope they improve it. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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