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Stargate Universe – Darkness (1)

Rush is obsessed with the Destiny's power systems and claims that almost all of the power has been depleted. Everyone is in some way coming to terms with life on the Destiny. Colonel Telford is convinced that Young is not fit to command the mission.

Looking at the first season of this show there are twenty episodes. Of the first season nine are part of multiple episode mini-movies. In other words stories that they can't tell in about 42 minutes and need a full 84 to put them together. I'm just pointing this out as we have had two cliff hangers now and we are only four episodes into the first season. Plus this is a serialized show so they can tie story's from one episode to another without these somewhat bogus cliff hangers.

I don't want to conjecture and steal the shows thunder but I agree with those that feel this ship is so advanced that it would not make the mistake of sending itself directly into a star and I'll leave it at that.

The only character I still don't like is Rush. Other than him there are a number of characters to latch onto. Eli, Young, Lt. Scott, Chloe, even Greer. I don't understand Telford's rant as he is making snap judgments on situations he is billions of miles from really being able to effect or understand. Any reasonable commander would question someone like Rush's motives and agenda. I'd be concerned that a man would just stand by and let someone obviously a little mentally unstable make the decisions all on his own without any input. So far Lou Diamond Phillips playing that part is sort of a waste. OK, as far as the show itself is concerned, I like it. Generally it is getting interesting, the characters are pretty well thought out, the production looks pretty polished, and the dialogue is not too bad as well. I look forward to a time when things get a little more put together and we understand the truth about how and why they are on the Destiny. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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