Turn off the Lights

Stargate Universe – Divided (2)

A group of civilians led by Rush and Camille attempt to take the ship. A miscalculation by Rush leaves some control in Eli's hands. With the aliens attacking, the crew rushes to remove the last tracking device on Destiny before escaping into FTL.

A disappointing, but entertaining second part to the first episode of this the second half of season one. The civilians on board decide to follow Rush and taking the ship from the military. Somehow one has to really wonder at the validity of such an action as this is something that Young, "a full Bird Colonel" is an expert at overcoming.

It seems that the aliens who they dealt with in the last episode have been attacking Destiny for some time and the automatic defenses on the ship have been defending her from even before the humans arrived. Rush plans to put all the power into the shields and then hopefully get away from the aliens for good, but the information comes out that Rush himself has a tracking device in his chest after he led everyone to believe that the last tracking device was destroyed. Something that Young and the rest have to deal with.

So we are left with a total distrust of the civilian population and one wonders how things will function going forward. Personal relationships are now strained as well as everyday relations. Not a good situation for a group of people stuck on a single ship on the other side of the universe together.

An entertaining episode with a lot of action. Interesting script choice for an episode. We'll see what direction they take the travelers in the future. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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