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Stargate Universe – Earth

Colonel Young, Chloe, and Eli consciousness are stuck on Earth while Colonel Telford and two scientist try to force the power systems on Destiny to dial Earth. It may or may not work, but Rush isn't about to let them take his toy yet.

I really don't like the process of using the Ancient communication stones to switch consciousness through space between people. Also, I don't like Colonel Telford played by Lou Diamond Phillips in the least. OK, so he's doing his job, but boy do they characterize him as having a chip on his shoulder or what? Plus, it seems he just isn't a nice guy. What was with the final scene of the episode!

So having a whole episode based on this technology and Telford is obviously not going to fly with me. I gave it an eight as I believe the story had some sound principals from the standpoint of method, but the distrust factor with Young is too huge to make sense at this point. Also Young really does know his people better than any one else. If this idea where to succeed I would think it would be under his watch.

The stories involving Eli and Chloe, as well as Young and his wife's relationships were suppose to be for character development I suppose. In a way I didn't find any of that compelling though. I will say if Young ever figures out what is going on with Telford I think Telford might end up being sorry. We'll see.

Personally I think this was a throw away episode and maybe the worst of the season so far. We'll see where all this goes again next week. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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