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Stargate Universe – Faith

Destiny comes out of FTL unexpectedly because a star and a planet that shouldn't be there are in the way.  The star is similar to the Sun and the planet is similar to Earth and is the only planet in the system.  Rush says that Destiny after correcting her course will not go back into FTL for about four weeks so a group of people go to the planet to explore.

Faith is an interesting name for this episode.  A few people had the faith that the planet was a sign that some higher power was looking out for the crew of the Destiny.  The question becomes is that a reasonable reaction to the story put before you?  A star that shouldn't be there.  A planet that if it existed would be molten rock at its age.  Finally a spire sitting on the planet that is obviously made by a race that is quite advanced.  Did this race create this star and planet?  Was it created solely for the crew of Destiny?  All good questions, but really ones that could never be answered in the arch of a story like this.

Not surprisingly after the realization that the water was pure, there is abundant food, and there are plants with medicinal properties, the proper course of action was to approach the planet as a storage spot and to send a group of people down in a shuttle to collect everything they could.  The inevitable conclusion is that some will decide to stay.  The real question to be figured out is how and why will they finally agree to leave.

Throw T.J.'s situation into the equation and the constant politics involved otherwise and you have quite an interesting plot.  The one thing I do think this episode managed to convey was that the military and the civilians will have to get past their conflicts to work together if they are to survive this ordeal.

An entertaining if not predictable story.  One in which a number of questions were asked and very few answers were given.  Definitely worth the time to see and another cog in the journey of the Destiny.  Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman 


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