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Stargate Universe – Justice

Spencer is found dead by Greer and even though the evidence points toward suicide the gun used is missing. Lt. Scott had an alibi so he runs the investigation until the gun is found in Young's cabin. Camille takes over on Earth's orders.

Actually a pretty entertaining episode with a number of huge surprises most of which I won't mention so you'll have to watch it.

Young's whole guilt seems to be trumped up, but he steps aside and allows Camille to take over. Of course the military are reticent to take orders from Camille. Rush immediately takes the opportunity to go after the tech using the chair. Which personally I found rather predictable. He didn't tell anyone to use the chair, but he did point out to everyone involved it was the best and probably the only way to get the technology to get them home or to at least be able to control the ship.

I'm sure you can gather what happens. Interestingly enough things become even more complicated when the Destiny drops out of light speed and a suitable planet shows itself and has a stargate. Camille sends a team minus Greer and Lt. Scott to the planet and puts a researcher in charge. While on the planet they find something that causes Rush and Young to need to check it out.

We have a huge surprise to the end of this episode and with it being the first half of season one cliffhanger. I guess we won't find out what's what until at the least a few months from now.

There was an ad for the first season 1.0 DVD during the show so they will be selling this show in half seasons like quite a few shows these days. Ten episodes plus an extended version of the Pilot episode. Interesting episode with quite a few special occurrences. You'll have to see it to believe it. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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