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Stargate Universe – Life

While a number of crew members are using the communication stones to speak with loved ones the crew continues to explore Destiny. Rush and Greer find an older version of the Ancients control chair and Young refuses to let anyone use it.

I have been a strong proponent of this show from the beginning. I have to say this and the last episode were steps in the wrong direction.

To start, I guess they got the message and aborted the situation, or went and got the cure right away during the first day, or who knows what? Oh, from the prior unfinished episode that some writer thought was very clever. In this episode we have a great deal of personal angst and character development which really has nothing to do with the circumstances of the people on the ship except it is suppose to make us understand how much these people need to get home. Especially as there are a large number of them that never signed up for this type of thing.

Not giving away anything major, Rush continues to amaze. One minute you think he might be a good guy, the next you want to throttle him for being a big liar. He definitely seems to have an agenda to all of what he does.

Telford really is a snake in the grass sowing seeds of doubt in Emily's mind about her husbands fidelity. Obviously Telford has an agenda of his own. What that may be we can only guess. I loved the comeuppance at the end.

Eli is still a whiz and makes a few discoveries that are crucial to the situations at hand. Young and Rush sort of are doing a little dance around him to see who can control him. You almost have to think in the long run whomever does wins.

Touching pieces about Scott and Camille, but one has to wonder how crucial to the situation those deep seeded stories really. I am sure that each character on the ship has some kind of story. Are we going to be dragged through each of their lives one by one?

We'll see where the episodes go from here. I would like to see some action and situations specific to the crew and their situation in the future with respect to other life forms or something similar. Wow, we're on episode nine and nothing really has moved the story forward at this point. We know about the same things we did four or so episodes ago. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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