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Stargate Universe – Lost

Season One, Episode Fifteen

While Scott, Chloe, Eli, and Greer are trapped below ground on the planet they were stranded on, Rush, Young, and the Destiny now in FTL are trying to figure a way to recover their lost crew members.  Rush and his team think they've figured out that Destiny is reaching the outer part of the Galaxy they are currently in meaning if they don’t recover the crew soon they never will.  Tamara is trying to decide how to tell Young that she is pregnant with his child.

Some great story lines here in this episode.  Unfortunately the story gets bogged down in some parts that are a little repetitious and cumbersome at best.  For example while Greer’s story is an excellent insight into his makeup, we just went through that in the last episode with Rush.  They could have spent a little less time on that piece, but it did open your eyes to Greer as a character and what his motivations are.  Personally I have always liked Greer for his rebel type qualities, but steadfast loyalty.  The other part of the story that was a little drawn out was all the gate jumping.  It was integral to the story as the crew was trying to get to a certain gate, but it did seem to slow the episode down.

Nice acting on part of all of the shows regulars as well as some of the supporting cast.  I found Lieutenant James played by Julia Anderson discussions with Tamara insightful and her other parts as the leader of the search teams with Rush were quite well done.  With Scott preoccupied it seems that his duties have fallen to what is becoming an important part of the overall cast.

The dynamics of the four members on the planet were good except they are really starting to get on my nerves with the whinny Eli characterization all the time.  After everything they’ve been through at this point you’d think he’d learn by now.  It was good that he picked up on it himself a few times.  Also Chloe seems to be retaining some of the information she picked up like Rush from her encounter with the Alien civilization.  It will be interesting to see where this goes in the future.

Greer’s character grows a great deal in this episode.  So we see with the revelation of his childhood and the understanding now of his rebellious nature why Greer can seem to be many emotions at the same time yet still very straightforward.  I’m glad we were able to see why he wasn’t replying and that sequence of the episode in the tunnels ended up being quite good.

Stargate Universe is doing a much better job of developing their characters here in the second half of this first season.  Now we are beginning to understand relationships, motivations, and agendas better as the viewer.  Long term this will help in deciphering where the plots are going.

Finally I am glad that Tamara finally blurted out her news to Colonel Young.  Luckily he did the only thing he really could do under the circumstances.  We know he loves his wife, but he does care for Tamara maybe in the same way and he and his wife are a universe apart.  Maybe this is the decent thing to do.  We’ll see as the story moves forward.

I enjoyed this episode of Stargate Universe even though it seemed to lose focus at times.  I would recommend you watch this show for the development of the characters and just to see what is going to happen next.  It will keep you guessing and in the end maybe leave you with some surprises.  Thanks for reading…

Jeffery Yarter

The Lizardman



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