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Stargate Universe – Pain

Season One, Episode 17

In this latest episode of Stargate Universe we are pulled back into the inner workings of the relationships on the ship and the interaction of the crew.  The action begins with a number of key personnel beginning to have some very strange experiences.  These seem to get worse and worse until they become a threat to the whole crew and possibly Destiny herself.  Lieutenant Tamara Johansen (TJ) played by Alaina Huffman who is the medic who plays doctor for this crew of misfits comes front and center as she must figure out what is happening and stop it from spreading into a catastrophic outbreak.

This episode manages to return to a little bit of the eroticism that maybe got this series off to a bad start with the many Stargate fans.  Lieutenant Vanessa James played by Julia Benson takes a bigger role in this episode when her former relationship with Lieutenant Scott becomes a bigger problem when she kills him in the first scene for cheating on her.  It seems she is the first to be "infected" and her reality plays out with a tremendous amount of clarity.  She obviously has some very strong repressed feelings and who can blame her.

After James we see a number of other members of what turned out to be a team that visited one of the planets the Destiny has visited show serious side effects from hallucinations.  All of this culminates with Chloe becoming infected and some interesting realities for her as well.  Patrick Gilmore gives another wonderful performance as Dr. Dale Volker who begins to have very claustrophobic and eerie side effects.  It's enough to give you the creeps!

Scott and Chloe
(Lt. Scott and Chloe played by Brian J. Smith and Elyse Levesque)

It is only through TJ who is pregnant with Colonel Young's child that things are discovered and dealt with.  This character is turning out to be a major focal point for this show and it should be very interesting to see where things take this intrepid group of explorers.  There is still a great deal of mistrust between the civilians and the military.  Matter of fact there is a huge piece of this story which includes Greer (played by Jamil Wlaker Smith) thinking the civilians led by Rush (Robert Carlyle) and Camile (Ming-Na) are plotting to take over the ship.

You'll have to watch the episode to see what has actually occurred, but I will tell you that this episode smacks of filler.  When all is said and done one of the key elements in sci-fi TV is the budget.  Star Trek and its many series were famous for this.  There would be spectacular episodes and then very small cerebral ones with little to no action.  Sometimes done with character development.  Sometimes by outside forces.  This is a plot device used to save money so that the really spectacular episode can be produced and the series will survive.

Overall another entertaining episode with a strong opening statement and a little bit of a letdown from that point on.  The characters are interesting and in a lot of ways I think they can do so much more with this cast.  We'll see which direction the producers and writers will take these explorers and they continue their journey.  Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman



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