Turn off the Lights

Stargate Universe – Space (1)

After leaving Rush on the planet to die, Col. Young must move forward without him. When he goes to report back to Earth he ends up on an alien ship and the civilians think it is a plan to keep them from communicating until a large alien ship shows up.

***** Spoilers *****

So trouble in the form of another race. Young and Rush must still pretend to get along. Camille is bound and determined to get Young taken down. Finally someone gets kidnapped leading to the finding of Rush.

No one surely could be that unhappy with the new direction they are already going with this second part of the first season. We now have a hostile alien presence, we had our first space battle, Destiny seems to hold her own despite some flaws, and everyone is back together.

Obviously the military/civilian situation is going to continue to play a prominent role within the story lines. Rush continues to believe the prize is Destiny herself where as Young is committed to the people and trying to get them home. Young saves Rush even though Rush tried to implicate Young in the former murder. For once I think the interesting part is the civilians seem a little corrupt and the military seems like it's trying to do the right thing. Sort of a funny plot twist. The acting is still a little stiff, but I think that comes a little from the lighting and production style the show is using and the fact that everything is so dark. I'm looking forward to see the overall direction they're planning for this second half. Should be interesting. Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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