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Stargate Universe – Subversion

Season One, Episode 18

I’ve always wondered what Lou Diamond Phillips real part was going to be in this serialized scripted show.  We finally get to find out what really is going on and we get a view into what may be a major storyline for next season.  Even out here on the other side of the Universe Destiny is being plotted against by Earth’s adversaries from the Milky Way.

We get to see some exciting performances from Robert Carlyle as Dr. Nicholas Rush and Lou Diamond Phillips as Colonel David Telford.  Is seems that the Ancient stones which the travelers use to switch bodies with people on Earth are leaving some residual effects.  We saw it earlier when Lieutenant Scott had the visions of Colonel Young’s wife after trading places with Telford.  In this instance something much more sinister is taking place.  Rush and Young suspect that Telford has been working with the Lucian Alliance.

So a plan is hatched where Rush will take the place of Dr. Morrison who is scheduled for a trip to Earth and trade places with Telford to find out what is going on.  Of course with this being something of such a high security risk only Young, Rush, Scott, Greer, and General O’Neill are privy to it.  As Telford arrives at Destiny eventually he is whisked away by Young who is to interrogate him while Rush tries to find out what is really going on at home.  Camille being her usual self and totally mistrusting of the military in general continues to be a thorn in the side of Young and even Lieutenant Scott seems to doubt the validity of their actions at times, but again this is not a Democracy luckily in this case.

During this episode we get to meet Kiva played by Rhona Mitra of the Lucian Alliance.    Besides Richard Dean Anderson as O’Neill, we also see Michael Shanks as Dr. Daniel Jackson who is monitoring Rush’s activities, but ends up losing him in the end.  The possibilities seem to be endless with what is discovered in this episode.  A conflict seems to be brewing and we can see some light at the end of the tunnel for possible directions this series can take.

The performances are stark and bare in this episode.  There are some violent scenes and actual torture performed on a number of characters.  In a way this is a much darker series than the ones that came before it.  The nature of the story really sets itself up for the seedy side of things from a personality point of view.  Mistrust, betrayal, and suspicion are the hallmarks of the stories they have put together.

This was an enjoyable episode for the most part.  It was a little better than the filler episode the week before.   It should be interesting to see where the story takes us here in these last few episodes of the season.  Thanks for reading…

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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