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Stargate Universe – Time

The episode begins as a group from the Destiny is coming through a Stargate onto a humid jungle type world. Shortly afterwords crew members start getting sick and the team quarantines itself on the planet. Then the real problems start up!

OK, a review of this episode is a little difficult. This is not a two part episode so...? It looks like next weeks show is based on the Ancient Comm stones and communication with Earth by various team members.

Let me say without giving too much away, I hate temporal worm holes, time warps, black hole time anomalies, or whatever excuse you want for manipulating a story because you just can't come up with a good script. I always have believed time travel or anomalies are an excellent device when you have written yourself a story and have shot forty minutes of footage and realize you have painted yourself in a corner with no good conclusion. Other than that only 1 out of 10 or so stories using this plot device works. For example, it never worked in any of the Star Trek series or movies until it finally worked in the newest film.

This episode reminds me of ST:TNG Cause and Effect without the conclusion. It looks like the writers took license to create some crisis and strife, and we are left to try to figure out who or what is real.

The acting was excellent and the special effects really good. I especially like the little creatures as they remind you of another space story. :) Well I must admit the story created anxiety. If that was the point? Well done! Thanks for reading...

Jeffery Yarter
The Lizardman


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