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Stargate Universe – Water

Mysteriously the water supply seems to be depleted faster than the group is consuming it. The Destiny falls out of light speed travel and presents a planet as a possible source of water. Young and Scott go looking for water/ice on the planet.

An interesting episode with a few different plots to look at. The first being the fact the water supply seems to be dropping at a radical rate based on use. Something like 40% more water was missing than actually used by the crew. So Destiny seems to recognize that fact and drops out of light speed and presents a possible planet that could have drinkable water on it. The problem is the planet does not have breathable air so Colonel Young and Lt. Scott must wear the two pressure suits that work on Destiny.

Young leaves 1st Lt. Johansen, the medical officer, in charge while he's gone. A number of the crew start seeing some strange bug like creatures swarming the different decks on Destiny. A Corporal who is guarding the water supply fires on the bugs and ends up being attacked and severely wounded.

Now the crew has two major problems to deal with. What to do about the bugs that must be consuming the water and also can be a threat to the personell and getting enough water onto Destiny to suffice for a while.

Interesting two story episode with a little bit of tragedy built in. Nice interaction between Young and Scott. Also we get to see Johansen under fire so to speak. A completely wrapped one episode story in this episode which is sort of different considering this is the sixth episode and its the first self-contained episode so far. Thanks for reading...


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