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Starhawk Beta Starts Nov 22nd

Anyone who owns a copy of Warhawk and opted in to the sequel's upcoming beta might get a chance to check it out next week.  

The closed beta for Starhawk begins on Tuesday, November 22nd.   To get access, you’ll need to have signed up for PlayStation's emails (done via your PSN account) and naturally be one of several people who spent some time with the previous game.  Being a closed beta, not everyone gains access, as Sony is randomly selecting people and sending out emails with codes. SCEA Senior Producer Harvard Bonin also informed fans via the PlayStation blog that the closed beta will be rolled out in stages, gradually allowing more people access.  So, don’t worry if you don’t get a code next week, as the beta has no set end date at the moment.

People who also happen to have got themselves an early copy of Uncharted 3 can look forward to getting into the beta in January next year.  While I never played Warhawk myself, I'm very interested in the sequel, as it's certainly looking like a fun time, what with all the cool looking sci-fi vehicles and utter madness that only comes from large scale multiplayer action titles.

source: PlayStationBlog


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