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Start Spreading the News, Simcity Goes Social

During the EA press conference today Maxis announced some exciting news for SimCity lovers everywhere. Most Sims players fall into the category of “casuals”, meaning that fans are usually the type of people that are on the move and satisfy their desire for Sims action during short bursts or late at night when they could be talking with their real friends instead. The perfect gaming solution for these people seems rather obvious. Simcity Social is coming to Facebook. It's hoping to knock the successful Cityville from its pedestal as the leading city-building social game.

How do they hope to do this? By adding new features of course, such as some sort of morality system where you can be good or evil to your city. How this will lead to a more dynamic and therefore interesting game is yet to be seen.  Hopefully we’ll hear more details as the week goes on.

Shortly after showcasing their new social version, a more polished SimCity took the stage showing what the more serious SimCity player has to look forward to. Some small changes, such as more minute building options and other basic mechanics that are being refined, make up the meat and bones of this game. The most exciting part of this new SimCity is a multiplayer mode designed to bring people together in a mainly single player game. It’ll be interesting to see how this game looks the more built out it becomes.


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