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Starz Greenlights “Noir” Adapation

Looking to cash in once again on a series overflowing with sex and violence, Starz has picked up a live-action adaption of the anime series Noir. After working on the project since last fall, Starz finally decided to give it a kick-start with an adaption penned by Steven Lightfoot, who will also be one of the executive producers on the series. Noir will join the two new Starz series; Boss, starring Kelsey Grammer, and the '60s period piece set in Miami, Magic City.

The anime follows the story of two female assassins who team up on a journey to uncover mysteries from their past, while having to deal with soldiers from a secret organization sent to kill them. If the plot remains at all true to the “girls with guns” theme of the original, than Noir is sure to draw in a similar audience as Starz first hit series, Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

In fact, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert are again teaming up to serve as executive producers for the new series, along with fellow
Spartacus alumni, Joshua Donen. Though no episode count has been confirmed, it will likely be between 8-13 episodes, just as other Starz series in the past have been.


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