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Stealth – Pilot Season

In years past, each book was done by different teams. But this year all of the titles are written by Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invincible). The third book released in 2010 is Stealth. With this release, Robert Kirkman attempts to tell an interesting story of a father and son dealing with loss of family in their own way. The son Todd, dealing with his daughter and ex-wife. Plus watching his father's loosing battle to Alzheimer's.

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/1218350-picture_8_2__middle.pngIn the mean streets of Dearborn, Michigan Stealth keeps the young white punks that enjoy tagging their favorite comic book company on the walls in line. Meanwhile Todd tends to his father, James, that has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's and has been exhibiting odd behavior. It's so bad in fact that James continues to mistake Todd for his deceased brother Eric. With that Todd tries to keep a civil relationship with Alicia, his ex-wife for the sake of his daughter that he never gets to see, Karen. Now Todd is completely unmoved by the recent news that his father is the legendary “law enforcer” Stealth. Later, while stuck in traffic Todd witness Stealth in the middle of the street from what looks like some kind of altercation. Todd runs up to find Stealth and has to remind him that he can fly and tells him to just go home.

Being a pilot book/one-shot Stealth gets a lot of info crammed into it. Unfortunately too much of it is useless and  not compelling. There's so much worthless chatting and time spent between Todd and Alicia it's mind numbing. All that time could have been used to build a more interesting angle. How about the loss of Todd's immediate family, his relationship with his father, does Todd even have a job? There are so many other angles that would add interest story. How about using the story to make the protagonist someone likable. It's hard to feel compassion for James when Todd handles taking care of him like a chore. His father is dealing with being a hero and losing his mind and Todd reprimands him like a dog that wet the floor. The lowest point of Todd being a crappy son is when he finds out his father is Stealth. It's so anti-climatic it's laughable.

Sheldon Mitchell's (Trinity: Blood on the Sands, Witchblade Annual) art work adds to the painful story telling too. There are so many panels where it's inconsistent its just boggles the mind. Everything is fine until it comes time to draw that suit with a human face. There are literally three different times that James removes the suit's helmet, mask or hood in three different ways! What kind of super suit is this? Is the mask attached to the suit, apart of the suit or other?

It's really too bad that this whole book just felt lazy and rushed. Deep down in it's core there could be something really interesting here. If the book does somehow wins Pilot Season it would be nice to see a proper issue released. Perhaps a restart to this mess could flush out the story.

Overall Score - 2.3/10



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