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Steam Abuses More Wallets

Oh how I love to hate Steam’s big sale sessions. Steam’s sales mercilessly beat the shit out of my wallet until all of its lifeblood-money has been pounded out. But, like that cliché television housewife, I keep going back for more despite the abusive husband. It’s so damn hard not to come back when the gettin’ is just so good. Before I know it though, I’m wearing sunglasses to hide the shiner under my eye and I’ve blown my whole wad… of money, jeez, get your head on straight.

Well, this time around is no different. Steam’s summer sale has been going on for about nine days now and it shows no signs of putting a stop to its wallet abusive ways. Basically everything on the entire site (over 1500 games) is continuously on sale for 20-40% off at all times. Adding to the wallet cruelty are insane sales that alternate for roughly nine games titles and a new indie bundle every day, with markdowns ranging from 50-85% less than sticker price. Steam also has a community interactive sale wherein the Steam-goers get to vote on one of three different games every eight hours, whichever game gets the most votes goes on sale for a ridiculously low price for eight hours after the votes are tallied. Yes, Steam allows the victim to take part in their own beating. I can imagine it now, Steam holding my fist and repeatedly striking me in my face with it whilst saying “Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself”.  WELL I CAN’T!!!

Here is a list of the highlights from the past eight days to present: Portal 2 $5, CoD Modern Warfare 3 $30, TES V: Skyrim $30, Borderlands $5 (GotY $7.50), Orcs Must Die $3.74, Dead Island $10, Saints Row The Third $12.50, Trine 2 $3.74, Star Wars: KotR $2.50, Metro 2033 $5, Dear Esther $2.50, Rage $10, GTA IV $5, Spec Ops: The Line $33, STALKER Bundle $7.50, LA Noire $5, Super Meatboy $3.74, Just Cause 2 $8, Fallout: NV $5, The Witcher 2 $16, Alan Wake $7.50, Krater $7.50, Crysis 2 $12, Deus Ex: HR $7.50, F3AR $5, Magicka  $2.50, Torchlight $3.74, ARMA II: CO $18

OH, the humanity! It’s like looking through a file of the worst domestic violence cases.

If you’ve missed the Steam Summer Sale thus far, don’t worry. The sale still has an additional day and will be concluded on July 22nd. If you’ve missed out this long, you may actually be in luck. Traditionally the last day of a Steam sale is the finale containing the lowest sales with the largest variety of games to choose from. Meaning, Steam goes to get the baseball bat out of the garage to really do some damage.

What have you guys already bought? Or what are you hoping will go on sale for the finale day? Has Steam’s Summer Sale chewed up your wallet and spit it out?


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