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Steam Coming for Linux

We all have that friend, that PC techie that enjoys video games but has been running linux on his main computer for ease of use and whatever other reasons he may expound upon when inquiries fly his way. He comes to all your lan parties with a small laptop that he uses to run Counter Strike on and sits idle as the gaming turns to Modern Warfare which leaves him behind on his little dual-core 512 MB laptop rifling through forum posts on how to run complex games on his battle station back at the homestead. These people have reason to rejoice loudly and with glee for Valve has officially announced that it will be developing a version of Steam to run on Ubuntu (a popular version of linux).


Valve has created a new blog to allow gamers to track the progress of this development as it trudges forth to its supposed end of 2012 launch date. The client is said to be fully featured and will slowly have games added to it as development continues. It’s also exciting to note that Left 4 Dead 2 will be available for purchase on the first day of release. This is exciting news for all of us as we are accepting a new group of people into our PC gaming community! 


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