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Steam Platform Starts Screenshot Cloud Beta

Steam has started a beta version of a new in-platform screenshot hosting platform (not unlike popular sites such as WeGame and XFire) that allows players to take screenshots in any game that supports the Steam overlay. Simply bind a key, and when you press it, the screenshot is automatically taken and then uploaded to your Steam community profile upon exiting the game. It is a great idea, adding yet another good feature onto the already-great Steam platform. My personal favorite part of this is that it also supports this on non-Steam bought games hooked into the Steam overlay, allowing you to use those screenshots taken in the background of the information view on your Steam library window.

To opt into this beta, simply go to your Steam options (by right-clicking your taskbar icon and selecting "Settings" from the menu) and under "Beta Participation" click "Change..." and opt into the screenshots beta from the dropdown menu. Any screenshots taken will be stored privately on the cloud until you select the option the "publish" them onto your profile.


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