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Steam Sales Report 8/13/10

PC games sales aren't monitored by the NPD, so it falls on the shoulders of the Steam Sales Report to monitor how well PC games are doing in the market every Friday at 3:00 PM. Here is where you can see what Steam games are selling well, and I'll do my best to explain why they sold. This week, there was a QuakeCon 2010 Steam Sale, which overturned a good chunk of the top 10 list. 

1. DOOM Pack Complete - $13.59 [-66%]
2. QuakeCon 2010 Pack - $69.99
3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition Deluxe - $24.99
4. Mafia II Digital Deluxe Edition - $59.99
5. Mafia II - $49.99
6. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - $29.99
7. DOOM 3 - $6.79 [-66%]
8. Worms Reloaded - $17.99 [-10%]
9. Puzzle Quest 2 - $19.99 
10. Victoria II - $39.99

What can I say? People like their DOOM. The QuakeCon sale will continue with new discounts each day through August 15th, and undoubtedly Quake will be sold at a ridiculous price (one dollar, maybe?), so that will be a hit for sure. Victoria II seemed to sell well, and Victoria I is about to be sold on Steam, so that has potential to get on the top 10 list.  I'm impressed at how long Bad Company staying, though. That nice new low price point of $30 is tempting for me personally to buy it- nah. Mafia 2 is selling well, and should still be on the top 10 by August 20th. Why Elder Scrolls IV decided to jump to number 2 is beyond me, except for the the fact that it's $25. That could explain it. DOOM 3 won't stay on once the sale's over, and the QuakeCon 2010 Pack will not be on next week, either. 


More ARMA II expansions are on the way, focusing on British Special Forces. ARMA II and it's expansions are popular on Steam, so that has a possibility of doing well. Other games are coming soon, but don't have the potential to do well. Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 could be better than the first, but that won't sell any copies unless a huge sale for the game comes up, which knowing Steam, is possible. A Darksiders port for the PC is coming, though it is not a great fit for the PC. Some PC gamers don't have an affinity for Zelda, so that chops off some sales right there. The people who would buy Darksiders have already bought Darksiders, so it's not going to do great. 

That's this week's Steam Sales, and if you have any questions or comments, you can email me at [email protected]. Also, I want you, the user, to give me some feedback on the feature. What could be done to improve Steam Sales Report? A new name? Genre top 10s? Anything is possible here.   


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