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Steam Unveils New Beta! – Big Picture

Among speculation that Steam may be developing a console, a new beta has recently appeared within the Steam client.  For those who have a controller, you might want to consider checking out Big Picture, steams new version of its traditional client that is currently in beta.  Right now anyone can opt in through their beta options, allowing them to switch freely between the traditional Steam appearance and their new Big Picture.  This new appearance, optimized for a controller, appears very similar to the Xbox interface, focusing more on picture based information rather than a balance between text and images like the current the Steam interface.  

Surprisingly, it is faster than the traditional interface, once you are accustomed to using a controller for typing.  It all feels incredibly fluid, as if you aren't even using an interface, but rather just moving between everything in real life.  It is very well developed, including the typing interface, which I thought was very logical and easy to use.  If you are interested in trying out the new Steam interface appearance, all you have to do is go into the Steam settings, then opt into the interface beta.  From there you can open it through the top left part of your interface.

Keep checking back with Player Affinity to see any new updates about Steam's new interface as well as the possibility of a console! 


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