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Steam’s Holiday Sale Enters Its Second Day

After getting off to a good start yesterday, Steam charges ahead with the second day in their two-week long holiday sale.  Every day between now and January 1st, they're going to have a different selection of games marked down by ridiculous amounts.  They also have "Pack Deals", and sales on the entire catalogs of some publishers.  This a great chance to buy some gifts for your pals who have Steam accounts.  Yeah... "Gifts".  That's the ticket.

Today there are twelve sales and they include:
Indie RPG's Chantelise and Recettear both marked down by 75% ($2.49 and $4.99)
Costume Quest is $3.74 
Call of DutyModern Warfare 2 is $14.99
Indie dungeon crawler Dungeons of Dredmor is a mere $1.24
Both games in the Sacred franchise are half off, making Sacred $4.99 and Sacred 2 $9.99
Everything in the Half-Life franchise is 75% off (Prices vary, but the Complete Pack is $9.99)
Red Orchestra 2 is now $19.99
The Witcher is 75% off at $2.49, while The Witcher 2 is 40% off for $23.99
Tropico 4 is now 13.59
Lego Batman is $4.99
Everything in the Theater of War franchise is 75% off (Prices vary) 
Lastly, Duke Nukem Forever is $4.99.  But a bargain at any price!


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