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Steven Universe Renewed Through Season 5

"Prepare for a Summer of Steven - and more."
Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe has been renewed for two more seasons, EW has learned. Steven Universe, the creation of former Adventure Time animator Rebecca Sugar, centers on a young boy and the three magical beings he lives with, who comprise a team of magical guardians called the Crystal Gems. The series has sported an unconventional release schedule since it first premiered, and the outlet confirms that will continue - but now we know when. [caption id="attachment_81716" align="aligncenter" width="597"]Garnet, Steven Universe, Pearl - Steven Universe (Image via A.V. Club.)[/caption] As a result of them splitting the second season in two, the third season is set to premiere in June during the “Summer of Steven” event. According to Matt Burnett (series writer), seasons 4 and 5 will share season 3’s episode count of 26 (as opposed to the first season’s 52), so the news is a little less impressive than it first appears. However, this is still amazing news for fans of the series - myself included. Steven Universe is one of the few shows that is able to tackle messages of positivity and inclusiveness in a way that feels natural and developed, while still having a deep mythology, cool fight scenes, and unexpected humor. Also renewed for a fourth and fifth season was Uncle Grandpa, adding to Cartoon Network's renewed shows The Amazing World of GumballAdventure Time, and Regular Show.  


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