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Stomp Space Zombies For One-Third Less

It's been two weeks since Dead Space 2 launched and those of you who have been waiting for the first big price break have less than a day to take advantage of Amazon's gaming Deal of The Day.  For today only (Monday the 7th) you can get Dead Space 2 on any platform for one third off of the regular edition, or one quarter off the Collectors' Edition.

This makes it $39.99 for the regular edition on XBox, PC or Playstation, or $59.95 for the Collector's Edition.  We've posted two glowing reviews of the game, one for PC and one for XBox, and that was launch day prices, so this is a great deal on a game you should already be playing through for the second time by now! 
Be warned though, we weren't impressed with the bonus items that came with the Collectors' Edition, and even with these discounts, you'll still be paying an extra twenty dollars to get a handful of mediocre doodads.  You'll probably do better using that twenty bucks to buy the first Dead Space game, or all three of the currently available DLC weapon packs, or just saving your money for the already-announced DLC missions which are coming out soon.

Players interested in dismembering some Unitologists on the cheap can get it over on Amazon's Daily Deal page


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