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Store and PSN releases for the week of 8/24/10

There are four main store releases for the week of 8/24/10: Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2, R.U.S.E and NHL 11. There is only one full PSN release for the PS3, along with a couple of bits for the PSP. Strangely, there is not much in the way PSN games for this week. But perhaps as we are getting close to the Move release date maybe Sony are saving some things up for a bigger drop in the next couple of weeks.


///PS3 Store Releases///

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions – Mixing together many of the alternate universes of Spider-Man, resulting in a unique take on his history. The story has Spider-Man trying to retrieve a piece of a tablet that has been scattered across multiple parallel dimensions. As he attempts to retrieve the tablet he crosses over a number of storylines from different versions of the comic.

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2 – The sequel to the popular action based flight sim.  You are an elite aerial soldier flying missions in control of the world’s most technologically advanced aircraft.

R.U.S.E. – This is an unusual take on a real-time strategy game. The player aims to bluff their way past their enemies and onto victory.

NHL 11 – Another instalment of the long running series which aims to improve on the familiar aspects as well as introducing new features to try and raise the bar for hockey fans. Additions like broken sticks, a revamped face-off system and the inclusion of the Canadian Hockey League are mixed with an improved physics engine to bring more realism to the franchise.


///PSN releases///

TerRover - The player must navigate a rover through more than forty stages of puzzling arcade levels in five different 2-D art style.

///PlayStation Plus///

Qore Episode 28: September 2010

Warhawk Game Trial

Warhawk: Booster Combo

Warhawk Dynamic Theme

UFC Undisputed 2010 – TUF Fighter DLC Pack

God of War: Ghost of Sparta PSP Demo

Blast Off – Minis

Mystical Fractals Theme

Ratchet & Clank Dynamic Theme



Qore Episode 28: September 2010 ($2.99)

Qore Annual Subscription: September 2010 ($24.99)


///Game Demos///

TerRover Demo

Sengoku BASARA: Samurai Heroes Demo

Quantum Theory Demo

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole Demo

///Add-on Game Content///

BUZZ!: The Puzzle Quiz ($5.99)

Dragon Age: Origins – Witch Hunt ($6.99)

Mafia II – Jimmy’s Vendetta ($9.99)

Transformers: War For Cybertron – Map and Character Pack #2 ($9.99)

Clash Of The Titans – Hade’s Challenge Quest Pack ($1.99)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 – Fantasy Pack ($9.99)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 – Favorites Courses Pack ($19.99)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 – New Courses Pack ($9.99)

UFC Undisputed 2010 TUF Pack ($1.99)

Guitar Hero:

Blue Monday – Orgy ($1.99)

Epic – Faith No More ($1.99)

I Stand Alone – Godsmack ($1.99)

Last Resort – Papa Roach ($1.99)

Nookie – Limp Bizkit ($1.99)

The Dope Show – Marilyn Manson ($1.99)

Rock 1 Track Pack ($10.99)


Rock Band:

Beautiful – Snoop Dogg ($1.99)

Drop it Like It’s Hot – Snoop Dogg ($1.99)

Ridin’ In My Chevy – Snoop Dogg ($1.99)

Sensual Seduction – Snoop Dogg ($1.99)

Snoop’s Upside Ya Head – Snoop Dogg ($1.99)

Tha Shiznit – Snoop Dogg ($1.99)

That’s Tha Homie – Snoop Dogg ($1.99)

Who Am I (What’s My Name)? – Snoop Dogg ($1.99)


Rock Band Network:

Bleed – Meshuggah ($1.99)

Dr. Doom – The Acacia Strain ($1.99)

Valkyries – Amberian Dawn ($1.99)

Wake Up – Me Talk Pretty ($1.99)

We Are the One – Anti-Flag ($0.99)



Street Fighter Alpha 3 Avatars ($0.49) (x2)

Street Fighter Ryu Avatar ($0.49)

Super Street Fighter IV Avatars ($0.49) (x2)


///Game Videos///

Pulse 9/7 Edition

NBA 2K11 – Premiere Trailer

Bioshock 2 – Minerva’s Den Trailer

Dragon Age 2 – ‘Destiny’ Trailer

Dragon Age: Origins – Witch Hunt Trailer

Red Dead Redemption – Legends And Killers Pack trailer

TerRover Trailer

Killzone 3 Multiplayer Trailer


///PS3 Themes///

TerRover Theme (free)
Shank Blood Red Theme ($0.99)

NCAA Dynamic Theme – LSU ($2.99)

NCAA Dynamic Theme – Tennessee ($2.99)

NCAA Dynamic Theme – California ($2.99)

NCAA Dynamic Theme – Florida State ($2.99)

NCAA Dynamic Theme – Colorado ($2.99)

NCAA Dynamic Theme – Missouri ($2.99)

NCAA Dynamic Theme – Penn State ($2.99)

NCAA Dynamic Theme – Virginia Tech ($2.99)

Hot For Teacher Theme ($1.99)

Mechatron Theme ($1.49)

Bianca Premium Theme 2 ($1.99)

Wendy Premium Theme ($1.99)

Lights Theme ($1.49)


///PSP Games///

Ace Combat Joint Assault ($39.99)

Hannspree Ten Kate Honda SBK Superbike World Championship ($9.99)


///PSP Themes///

Hot For Teacher PSP Theme ($1.99)

Mechatron PSP Theme ($1.49)

Bianca PSP Theme 5 ($1.49)

Bianca PSP Theme 6 ($1.49)

Wendy PSP Theme 1 ($1.49)

Wendy PSP Theme 2 ($1.49) 


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