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Stranger’s Wrath HD in beta

A game that almost fell off my radar has shown up again: a PS3 exclusive HD re-make of Oddworld Inhabitants final game, Stranger's Wrath.  Just Add Water is the studio behind the upcoming re-release. Their CEO, Stuwart Gilary, was happy to announce on the PlayStation Blog recently that:

"The game is in the final part of development right now. We’re in beta and fixing bugs, and doing some last-minute optimizing where we can."

This more or less means the game is finished and needs only its final stages of polish to be okay for release.  While at the moment it is only confirmed for PSN, an Xbox Live and Steam version is expected down the road.  Currently, some ports of the original version of Stranger's Wrath and its predecessor Munch's Oddysee (both of which were originally just Xbox games) are available on Steam and, despite some shaky release issues, they were eventually patched up and fixed. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is a fan of quirky, unique action-adventure puzzle titles of years past.  I am personally hoping the Steam version of Stranger's Wrath receives a free update including all the work Just Add Water has done to the title for the PS3 version as I already purchased it last year.

Mr Gilary also added in his post:

"It’s been a long road for us, and we’ve made a whole truck full of updates. We’ve updated EVERY one of the 83 characters in the game, the vast majority of the environmental textures, and a lot of the environment geometry. We’ve also completely updated the user interface, added some easter eggs into the game, and a whole raft of unlockable extras — some never seen before, and some rarely seen."

They've certainly been doing some amazing work by the sounds of it, I've been a long-time fan of Oddworld Inhabitants games since the original Abe's Oddysee and it was a very sad day indeed when they announced they were no longer developing games.  Just Add Water is keeping the spirit of the studio alive and hopefully the rumours are true and their next project is the once cancelled fifth game in the series: Hand of Odd.

Source: Playstation Blog.


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